Hello! My name is Julie and I'm a writer based in the southwestern deserts of the United States. I'm raising my family where I was raised myself. Having left and come back home, being close to my roots has never felt so good. A bit of an entrepreneur thanks to my husband, I've created and successfully sold a handful of digital companies over the last five years, while also devoting myself to teaching and studying yoga and meditation. This year I began a new adventure with the creation of Buzzy Blogs, a professional content writing company for boutique businesses around the world. 

I'm a wordsmith and story-telling maven with an affinity for all things spiritual, optimistic, beautiful, and tasty. I have traveled the world and have learned to love rich textures and the sound of the spoken word. Writing for me is, and always will be, an outpouring of creativity. I invest myself in each letter and oftentimes find myself searching out adventures just for the experience, something that I'm bound to bring to my next project.

Officially I have my undergraduate degrees in Spanish and Secondary Education and my MFA in Creative Non-Fiction Writing. I am an explorer (and a Gemini) who always needs to have several projects going at once. I've learned to love all of the different hats I wear - I'm collecting them like the vintage clothes in my closet. ‚Äč

Professionally I have worked with small businesses and large corporations. My projects have taken me from the newsletters of some of the country's top yoga instructors to website content for Gaia.com and About pages for new Fisher Price products. I have written email sequences for multi-million dollar FBA businesses on Amazon and have composed drool-worthy content for international wellness retreats, including several of my own in Costa Rica and Napa, California.

I can work with you to create buzzworthy blogs, email marketing sequences, website pages and clever, hashtaggable Instagram posts. Have a project in mind? Let's work on something together!

You can email me about projects at [email protected] and I'll be in touch!

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