Here’s Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Adopt the Abundance Mindset

Here’s the thing: being an entrepreneur gets lonely.

While it might seem wonderful to be doing everything by yourself and holding the reins at first, especially if you’re finally free from an obnoxious, overbearing corporate world, that solitude kicks in quick. If you’re not careful, you’re left hunched over your computer in a dark corner of your room wearing the same clothes you wore yesterday, forgetting to eat, and wondering whatever happened to Roseanne (dude, that shit got cancelled!)

In order to make it through these sometimes dark and absolutely turbulent times, you have to have people around you. And, more than just warm bodies, you have to have people that get you and what being an entrepreneur is all about. After all, entrepreneurs are a rare breed and very few people will a) understand why you left your cozy little corner office, b) forgive you for blowing them off 22 times because Russell Brunson just launched a new webinar and it’s dope, and c) believe you can actually achieve what you are setting out to do.

But, as badly as we need people around us who get all of this, entrepreneurs are the first to set up walls, especially when we’re under the impression that there’s not enough to go around. Competition, while healthy, can oftentimes undermine what you’re trying to accomplish simply because those people you’re competing with are the ones that can help you the most.

The solution?

A not-so-little thing called abundance.

When you think with an abundance-oriented mindset, you no longer fear competition. You realize that there is more than enough to go around. Suddenly, those secrets you were coveting are conversation-starters. Those webinars you were watching are now topics for your next blog. That girl you wrote off because she’s doing “what you’re doing” can finally answer all of your questions and, maybe, even become a new go-getter friend. (If Richard Branson and Marie Forleo can chill on an island, why can’t you two?)

When you shift your mindset to accept the reality of abundance, you actually want to help others succeed. It feels good! And, in doing so, you help yourself, your business, and your ambitions get to the next level too. So, pull up another chair at the table (and put on some real clothes!) – it’s time to think (really) big.