Why Your Brand’s Movement Needs Content

Few businesses are in the market of trying to blend in.

For the majority, standing out, being innovative, and finding a way to truly fascinate is the name of the game. And, why would you blame them? One look at the best start-ups and most successful brands and you immediately see that they’re setting the bar higher or, even better, they’re building a brand new bar and asking their competition to jump.

The only issue with this type of innovation is that it can be difficult to build a following. Because you’re doing something new, your audience also needs time to catch up. They need to understand why this new way is better – they need to be educated. Skip this part and your fascinating idea suddenly becomes a joke, gliding under the radar until it’s completely forgotten and abandoned.

The good news is that there is something you can do.

According to Beth Comstock, GE’s CMO, “The really good innovations need to be explained before they’re accepted.” For GE, who’s in the business of generating new idea after another thanks to their mindshare model, that means “becoming a content factory — telling stories across media and methods from data to videos to social media.”

Yep, the thing standing in between your innovative idea and either huge success or utter failure is content. And, specifically, content that tells stories.

An article that tells the facts, weighing the pros and cons, might be looked at a few times. But a story crafted to take your audience through a transformative journey and deliver them straight to the doorstep of your innovative idea, that’s something that will be shared hundreds of times.

Humans are built for storytelling. We lean in when we know one is about to begin. We listen attentively, getting attached to characters and plots. And, then, when it’s all said and done, we hunt hungrily for someone to share it with.

If you want your brand’s movement to gain traction, if you want it to generate thousands of followers, if you want to see your idea come to life and then take on a life of its own, then crafting content around it (and doing it over and over) isn’t just a good idea – it’s the only way to take your business from zero to hero.